Student Services

Through Navitas at Florida Atlantic University, students can expect to have a first-year college experience that is enhanced with additional student services support. Because Navitas at FAU students are FAU students from their first day on campus, they have access to all FAU services. In addition to this, Navitas provides students with additional services to help through their first year and beyond.

FAU Student Services

Student Advising & Academics Support Services

  • In-person University Advising Services available for students (Navitas Student access this in year 2)

  • Access to departmental advising in years 3-4

  • Flight Plan documents for academic course planning available for all majors so students can plan their course to graduation

  • Tutoring center that can arrange for tutoring for most FAU courses

University Support Services

  • New Student Orientation that focuses on services offered at the University

  • Residential life advising for housing support

  • On-campus medical and dental clinic

  • Psychological counseling services available on campus

  • 24 hour service available to escort students around campus

Student Involvement Opportunities

  • Access to over 300 clubs and student organizations

  • Opportunity to apply for student leadership roles such as the Elite Owls student leadership program, Welcome Leader program, Resident Advisor program, FAU student government

Additional Services for Navitas Students

Academic Performance Monitoring in Year 1

  • Periodic review of student grades by Navitas staff, attendance and work progress through teacher contact and results review

  • Early identification of need for academic assistance

Academic Assistance Services in Year 1

  • Tutoring pro-actively set up through FAU Center for Learning and Student Success for students in need of academic assistance

  • Supplemental instruction (in-class tutors) offered for courses with high withdrawal or fail rate such as Calculus or Chemistry

  • Weekly scheduled Navitas student group tutoring session built into the academic schedule

  • Transition services to FAU Academic Advising for years 2-4 in term 3 of Navitas program

Additional Navitas Support Services

  • Enhanced New Student Orientation for Navitas students

  • First line of contact for student issues

  • Proactive approach to monitoring student welfare

  • 24/7 emergency assistance from Navitas staff

Additional Navitas Involvement Opportunities

  • Planned social activities both on and off campus which have included trips to the beach, water parks, Everglades tour, sporting events (both FAU and outside), concerts, and parties and festivals

  • Navitas Student Diplomat leadership opportunities

  • Provide Navitas with student experience testimonials