Pre-Master's Program: MBA

The MBA Pre-Master's Program (PMP) is designed to give you the skills to succeed in your graduate degree. The program offers study skill and research classes as well as for-credit classes in your chosen degree.

Pathways at Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Fees (2017/18)

Program Program Duration Tuition Fee

Pre-Master's Program

2 semesters




Two semesters


August, January, May

Program Components (2 semesters)

Subject specific courses:

  • Financial Management (3 FAU credits)
  • Data Analysis for Managers (3 FAU credits)
  • Leadership and Organization Management (3 FAU credits)

Academic preparation courses

  • Navigating the Graduate Student Pathway
  • Introduction to Graduate Research
  • Academic Communication for Graduate Students
  • Intercultural Issues for Graduate Students
  • GMAT Preparation Course

Program Requirements

  • 55 credit hours-non-business background (43 credits core courses + 12 credits electives/ specialization = 55)
  • 43 credit hours-business background (31 credit core courses + 12 credits electives/ specialization = 43)

9 credits applied from the PMP.

FAU Master's Degree Programs

MBA PMPs are available for the following FAU degree programs:

  • MBA, Accounting
  • MBA, Entrepreneurship
  • MBA, Finance
  • MBA, General
  • MBA, Health Administration
  • MBA, Management Information Systems
  • MBA, International Business
  • MBA, Marketing
  • MBA, Operations Management

* You must successfully complete the PMP to be admitted into the master's degree program. Course offerings and required courses may change without notice.

Progression to a master’s degree program at FAU requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and 'B' grades in all Pre-Master’s Program coursework.

GMAT minimum score 500 is a requirement for progression to Master's Degree program.

*The PMP is subject to approval by FAU Faculty Council.
This school is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.
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